Our adventure together began in Madison, Wisconsin,
we got engaged in the Badlands while driving across the country,
and last summer, in a small town in Wisconsin, we officially became The Olsons!

We can't wait to travel to whatever pocket of the world your love story takes you.


Together, we're night owls who will never say no to a road trip, a cute new restaurant (or taco bell), scandinavian design, another episode of Friends, tito's mixed with anything, or cheese on everything. We work back to back each day and can't help but collaborate on every project and decision. We were both raised in families of creative entrepreneurs — from crafting furniture, to product design, musicians, artists, and even a bakery stand on the Capitol Square (hey, Dane County Farmer’s Market!) — creating runs deep within us and we’re so inspired by the people we love. If we had our way, we'd spend every evening cooking new recipes together, sharing a glass or two of Moscato, and editing the night away (which is actually our reality more often than not) — and wow, do we love it!

Our Wedding Day Favorites:

twirling wedding gowns, handwritten vows, slow kisses, + sunset sneak aways




lover of the details

I adore obsessing over each second of editing your films, almost as much as I’ll adore obsessing over the two of you.

Put simply, I LOVE love. I’ll pick a romantic comedy or romance novel over anything else, every single time. I’ll be wiping my eyes through your loved ones’ toasts and a complete puddle through your vows. I may have even asked a boy to marry me when I was four, so you could say I’m a pretty big fan of this whole marriage thing ;) …but especially because of the man I get to enjoy it with. Originally a graphic designer, I'm driven by all things visual & creative and I’m happiest when piecing together details to craft the perfect story.

It's no secret that I'm up for going to any and every concert, fueled by cold brew + moscow mules, a wannabe morning person, Kwik Trip's biggest fan, and a houseplant mom to 12.


craftsman behind the camera

I'm a filmmaker by passion, a craftsman by nature, and an architect by training. I value precision, connection, and the desire to bottle up life's intimate moments. When I'm not behind the camera… I’m probably in front of the computer :) I love researching new film techniques, listening to podcasts, designing beautiful spaces, woodworking, trying to find the world’s best fettuccine alfredo + cookie skillet (let me know your favorite!), or planning for our next adventure. Years from now, I hope to be pursuing these exact same things — with family by my side, a margarita in hand, and even a Tiny Home in the country for us all to enjoy together.

I can imagine no greater honor than capturing the relationship that sets your heart on fire alongside the woman who does that to mine.


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